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President's Message


Fall 2014


Dear 10th Mountain Division Veterans, Descendants and Friends:

10th Mountain Division Descendants Inc. (Descendants, Inc.) continues to grow and to fulfill our mission to preserve the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division and to give support to the veterans, wives and widows of the Division. Iím sure that everyone knows that we all lost Pat Thornton in August. As I said earlier, Pat was the heart of this group from its earliest days and she adopted that organizational mission as her own. Her passing leaves a pair of shoes that none of us can fill, but collectively we can honor Pat by continuing to strengthen the organization she cared for so dearly. Pat was a very good friend to many of us, several of whom have shared their recollections in this issue. As you read these please give some thought to how you might become more involved in your Association, either by attending chapter and national events, or volunteering. Some of the current highlights of Descendants, Inc. include:

Membership: Membership continues to grow, standing at over 920 at last count. Increasing membership across all chapters is a high priority during the coming years as we try to attract the 2nd and 3rd generation descendants. I continue to ask that everyone help us to build our numbers by signing up a family member or two. Please contact your respective Chapter Director if you would like to help out (phone calls, mailings).

Scholarship: As we reported earlier, the Descendant Board of Directors voted to rename the Descendant Scholarship to honor Pat Thornton and her father, Captain Frederick Finn in recognition of her life-long role in education. Going forward it will be known as the Finn-Thornton Scholarship. Anyone interested in making a donation in Patís memory can do so by sending their check to Don Perkins our Treasurer, noting that is in Patís memory.

Quartermaster: We continue to look for someone to take over the QM function. Since National decided to retire that function completely, we can no longer rely on their infrastructure to support our QM. If anyone is interested in the Descendant QM position please contact either myself or Denise Taylor. If we do not fill the position soon weíll be forced to either outsource it or simply abandon being able to offer descendant items for sale. A limited number of 10th Mountain items are available through the "Off the Beatiní Path" gift shop at Ft Drum, and can be viewed via a link on the National Association website.

Finance: Descendants, Inc. continues to remain financially sound. Treasurer Don Perkins reported that the association has a Total Net Assets better twice our annual operating budget for coming year. The association will continue to provide financial support when possible to projects that further our goal of preserving and spreading the word about the Divisionís history. Recent examples include both the DUKW search effort on Lake Garda, and an interpretive at the Tennessee Pass Monument

Italy 2015: The plans for the 2015 return to Italy trip have taken shape over the past few months and we hope that all Association Members and Friends of the 10th Mountain will join us to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Divisionís time in Europe. I recently traveled to Italy to

work out the plans with Intertrav and our friends along the way. I can say with certainty that we will be warmly welcomed once again by everyone with a program rich in local history and tradition. Further details and the itinerary are provided elsewhere in this edition. All members of the National and Descendant Associations will have received registration materials by the end of Nov. or early Dec. For those who are not current members, or who did not receive the material, please call Intertrav directly at 1-800-624-8338 and ask for David House.

How You Can Help: Attend Chapter and National Meetings: At the most basic level, we can all simply attend the chapter or national meetings and other gatherings (Ski-Ins, Memorial Day at Camp Hale, National Reunion, Italy trips, etc.) to support those members who give their time and effort to organize these events. Volunteer: Volunteer to organize activities or suggest ideas to your chapter Directors or the Association Board. We also continue to look for expertise in some key areas such as membership, education, and social networking to name a few. Please visit the Descendant web page (http://10thmountaindivisiondescendants.org) often for additional information on the 2015 trip, other activities and initiatives, and donít hesitate to call on any of us with your ideas and suggestions.

One final thought Ö we all know that we are losing our WWII generation at an increasing pace since the last Blizzard. We receive another notice weekly it seems. When your chapter hosts an event please attend if at all possible. Itís the best way I know of to show our respect for them and all theyíve done.

Steve Coffey

10th Mountain Division Descendants, Inc
1630 York Mills Lane
Reston, VA  20194
Father:  Albert Coffey, Jr.,  87-F




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