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Every 3 years, the WWII vets return to their battle fields in Italy.  The first trip was organized in 1963 and established the pattern for many future returns. The trip starts in the Florence Cemetery to honor their 998 fallen soldiers, with many 10th Mountain soldiers buried there.  They then go to the Italian Hill towns where the 10th Mountain soldiers fought along side of the Italian Mountain troops.  Descendants have been on these trips with their fathers since they began in the 1963.  Descendants have been involved in the organization/running of these trips since 2000. 

Ancora Italia - Return to Italy 2012

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Dear 10th Mountain Family and Friends,

On behalf of 10th Mountain Division Descendants, Inc., I would like to personally invite you to attend the 2012 Return to Italy, Ancora Italia trip sponsored and organized by 10th Mountain Division Descendants Inc.

Many of you have attended one or more Return to Italy trips, and we encourage you to do so again. For the many who have not, I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Imagine traveling the combat route of the WWII 10th Mountain Division and walking in the footsteps of those soldiers from some 66 years ago. In many locations very little has changed since that time - foxhole indentations are still very visible, homes that sheltered the soldiers remain, and with a good eye you might even be lucky enough to find a spent shell casing or other WWII era artifact. Take in the view atop Mt. Belvedere looking back towards Riva Ridge and you will instantly understand the significance of February 18-20, the Belvedere Offensive, to the Allied advance. You will visit the hill towns of Lizzano in Belvedere, Vidiciatico, Gaggio Montano, Querciola, Pietra Colora, Castel d’Aiano, and others. The tour will follow the path of the 10th out of the Apennines and into the Po Valley, then on to beautiful Stresa on Lake Magiore where we conclude the main tour with our famous farewell banquet. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the optional pre-trip to see Rome and the extension trip beginning at Lake Garda and traveling north through the Brenner Pass into Austria, Germany and concluding in Switzerland.

But there are several more personal reasons why I strongly encourage you to attend the 2012 Return to Italy trip. First, this may be one of the last times many of our 10th veterans will be able to join us on such a trip to pass on the personal accounts of their experiences. It is also important that we descendants and Friends show our respect to our veterans by keeping this tradition alive going forward. Second, the gratitude, warmth, and generosity of the Italian people, especially in the hill towns towards the 10th family – of which each of you is a part – is very heartwarming and one that must be experienced to be appreciated. Third, you will visit the American Cemetery near Florence, and walk on hallowed ground where the saying “Freedom is not free,” is realized, and where 326 10th Mountain Division soldiers remain at peace.

I encourage you to read the brochure for the details of the full itinerary and options offered. Believe me when I say, this will be a trip you will not want to miss! Please join us in 2012 ….

Sempre Avanti

Val Rios

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